All questions regarding hygiene are answered here. Is your question missing? Contact us!

Do you take any COVID precautions?

Yes! The absolute safety of our guest and staff is of the utmost important to us.

  • As a private spa, you will only mingle with the people in your own group.
  • It goes without saying that our cleaning standing are above par to begin with:
    • All surfaces in the spa rooms that can be touched by our guests are thoroughly cleaned between sessions.
    • The tubs are meticulously cleaned after each use between sessions and are filled with fresh water before being used by the next guest(s).
    • All glasses and kitchenware is washed in a dishwasher at +60°C.
  • We limit the number of people who are present at the same time in our reception area.

Do I need to wear a bathing suit?

That is entirely up to you! As you room is completely private you can wear a bathing suit or not. If you do want to wear a bathing suit, please bring a darker coloured one as the active ingredients in our baths might stain lighter suits. In any case we recommend you to rinse out the bathing suit directly after your bathing session to avoid any stains.

Are the tubs cleaned after each session?

Absolutely! Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? A bath is drained and thoroughly cleaned after being used during a previous session. Only then will we fill your tub with fresh water in preparation of your visit. We will show you the tub before adding your selected ingredients to the water.