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Bath & Barley Bruges

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The concept


Bath and Barley is the Belgian beer spa. We immerse you in all what is great and good about beer, literally and figuratively. And you will see that is a lot more than you may think! Our experience is unique, relaxing and fun. While enjoying your bath, you can pour yourself a beer or enjoy another refreshment while connecting with friends or family.  And since we are a private spa, only you and your party share the room you have reserved. Bath and Barley radiates Belgian Brewery tradition, and we are certain that you'll be enchanted by the unique experience we offer.


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The benefits


At Bath and Barley one thing is certain: you’re here to take a bubble bath filled with fresh water, hops, barley and yeast. That is short for beer, but long on ingredients that are beneficial for your body and mind.

You can compose your own brew as you can select a mix from the different hops harvested by a Belgian farmer. These hops have different essences, but the beneficial effects are similar.

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The hop flower contains the most powerful known antioxidant, Xanthohumol. Only recently the cosmetic industry has started to create new cosmetics containing hop.

And  top of that, the yeast nourishes the skin, smooths wrinkles and aids hydration. It also provides essential vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins. Add essential oils and amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids,  and other bioactive nutrients to that list and you’ll feel better still. Oh, and never forget that enjoying beer promotes mental relaxation.

It’s clear a soak at Bath and Barley will prove to be revitalising and rejuvenating. After having taken a bath, the effect of the ingredients will linger on for a few hours and your skin will feel as soft and smooth as a baby. Come and dip your toes and the rest of your body into the best of what this country has to offer: bath, beer and being here, and let us know how it feels. 

The works


At Bath and Barley, you can rent a private beer spa room with wooden tubs for up to six people for one or more hours. When visiting you do not need to bring anything along. We provide towels, linen and authentic beer cosmetics. And because visiting Bath & Barley is a private experience, you can choose whether you would like to wear a bathing suit.  

The bath tubs are filled with water and a mixture of yeast, hop and malt. Together, this mixture gives an exciting fresh and pleasant aroma. To achieve the best results, we recommend our guests not to shower for at least four hours after having taken a bath. 


The brew


Recognised by the UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, the Belgian Beer Culture is clearly recognisable throughout the whole country. At one point, Belgium boasted a café for every five houses. Nowadays, the Belgian Beer Culture can be sampled in a variety of typical beer styles. 

Do you want to discover new beer styles? Try one of our beer flights! These beer flights contain three or four carefully selected beers that are paired with delicious bites. There's no going wrong here.

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In the Belgian beer spa, guests can draft their own lager from the bathtub. We have opted for ‘Estaminet’ as our house lager. The consumption of Estaminet is included in the price of your visit. However, if you want to explore the breadth and width of the true Belgian Beer Culture while enjoying the wholesome spa experience at Bath and Barley, we can offer you a beer flight. These hand-picked beers are paired with a chocolate from renowned chocolatier Frederic Blondeel. 

We recommend sharing one beer flight with two people, but we leave this choice up to our guests. You can order beer flights during the introduction to our beer spa experience.


The place to be

Bath & Barley Brussels is situated in the historical heart of Brussels, close to the world famous Grote Markt. You can find us in a beautiful location, a renovated centuries old building with breathtaking  vaults in the basement. Bath & Barley is tastefully decorated and you'll feel immediately at ease.


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We are easy to reach:

  • You find us at 450m distance walking of the Central Station.
  • The subway stop 'De Brouckère' is just 100 m away
  • Parking 'Schildknaap/Ecuyer' and 'Munt/Monnaie' are just 50m away.
  • If you want to take a short stroll, before or after your visit, through the Royal Galleries (Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen / Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert) , then you are at the right place. 
  • The hotels 'The Dominican' and the 'Radisson Blu Royal' are just around the corner. 
 Beerspa Bruges - Reception

The place to be

Located in the heart of the historic city in a historic medieval cellar just a stone's throw away from the bustling Market Square, Bath & Barley is the perfect destination for those looking for a truly unique beer experience in Bruges. Our historic location adds to the ambiance of our beer spa, providing a relaxing and authentic atmosphere for you to unwind and enjoy a luxurious beer bath. Come and indulge yourself in our spa and discover the magic of Bruges' rich cultural heritage.

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We are easy to reach:

  • Just 500m walking distance from the Market Square.
  • 250m from bus stop 'Jan Van Eyckplein' served by lines 4 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 14 - 15 - 17 - 25 and 90
  • Public parking  'Ezelstraat' and 'Biekorf' are both a short walk away
  • The hotels 'Augustyn' and 'Ter Brughe' are just around the corner. 

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