Everything you need to know about the beer spa experience!

Can two people fit in a tub?

Yes absolutely! All our tubs will comfortably fit two people at the same time. The choice between one or two tubs for two people is up to you and how close you want to get to your company.

Am I really soaking in beer?

Yes and no at the same time. We start with clean water and add brewer's yeast, hops and barley, all the ingredients found in actual beer. This way we get all the good ingredients for your body (vitamins B, essential oils, antioxidants and other beneficial, natural substances) but none of the bad (CO2, alcohol). We work with Brussels Beer Project for our yeast and only use real hop cones (no industrial pellets) purchased directly from the Lagache family, a Belgian hop farmer. 

We reserve the actual beer for drinking when you are enjoying the beer bath!

Have we told you can select your own personal hop scrub for your bath? 

How private is our beer spa experience?

We guarantee full privacy at all times. With the exception when you call in staff to order something extra or get questions answered, you will have the entire spa room to yourself during the time slot you reserved. 

What beer do you serve?

You can draft your own Estaminet pilsener from the bath. Estaminet is brewed by Palm Breweries. It owes its premium quality to the selection of the best natural ingredients: soft water, 100% high-quality summer barley, a distinctive yeast and very precious Saaz hops. High density, slow and traditional bottom fermentation to provide a fruity character and maturation for 6 full weeks make Estaminet a true Belgian premium pils.


Optionally we honour our Belgian beer culture with a personal selection of great beers covering a whole array of beer styles and (mostly small) brewers. We are especially proud of our beer flights with food pairing!

What is a beer flight?

For beer lovers, connoisseurs or curious adventurers we offer a flight of select beers according to a certain theme that can be enjoyed during your beer spa experience. The beer flights are available with a delicious food pairing. Beer flights are not included in the base price. Prices depend on your choice of beers and start at EUR 9 per person (min. 2 pers.). Please ask your host for more details during your introduction. 

Can I add a beer flight to my online order?

Unfortunately not. We are very proud of our beer flights and we are firm believers in tailoring them to your taste. To keep things fresh and frothy we change our offering from time to time. So, to avoid any disappointments we let you discover and select them on the spot. It is not possible to book a beer flight in advance.

The beer flight sounds great. Can I order a flight without spa session?

Unfortunately not. We can only offer beer flights and drinks when you book a private beer spa session. You can always purchase a beer flight gift set to enjoy at home.

I don't like beer, do you have an alternative?

If you prefer drinking something else than beer, we offer a selection of other beverages like cava, champagne or soft drinks. These are not included in the beer spa experience’s basic price. 

If you prefer not to bathe in our beer tub, we will be happy to provide you with a hops-only version if you like, so you will still benefit from all the good antioxidants. Or we can even offer a bath with just water all together. Please let us know during the introduction. 

Do you have gluten free beer?

Yes, we do! Unfortunately, not on tap. Ask us about our beer choices during the introduction right after you arrive.

Do you offer massages?

No, we do not offer massages.

What is the temperature of the bath?

We aim for a temperature of 39° in our baths. 

Can I make photos or video?

Yes! We invite you to make pictures and video of your experience. If you want, you can ask a staff member to take your picture when you are in the tub. 

If you enjoyed the experience, you can share your picture on our social media channels.


Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Unfortunately this is not allowed. Included in the prices of the experience is as much Estaminet beer as you like as well as still water and a small bite to eat. 

We encourage you to discover our rich Belgian beer culture by trying one of beer flights consisting of 3 or 4 specialty beers which come with a special food pairing. Beer flights start from EUR 9 per person.